Weekly update #26 of building my personal branding

I build my personal brand in public by sharing my stats and thoughts every single week. This update contains the dates of January 9th - 15th, 2023.

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Let's dive in 👇


LinkedIn statistics for the dates of January 9th - 15th, 2023

LinkedIn stats in detail

  • 5.3% Engagement rate (+19%) ✅
  • Total Followers: 2,788 (+3%) ✅
  • 94 New Followers (+45%) ✅
  • 437 comments (-21%)🔻
  • 7 shares (+75%) ✅
  • 528 likes (-2%)🔻
  • 23,461 impressions (+12%) ✅
  • 3 carousels (-25%)🔻
  • Highest Impressions: 4,303 (+52%) ✅
  • 14 Posts (0%)

And here we have my thoughts: 👇

Thought #1: Set yourself boundaries

Social media platforms are created in a way you could spend there an entire day. Especially when you're growing.

That's why I want to set for myself boundaries.

I decided to spend no more than 2h once a day engaging with others. How can it work? That's my engaging plan:

  • Morning 20-30 minutes for Twitter
  • Morning 20-30 minutes for LinkedIn
  • Afternoon 20-30 minutes for Twitter
  • Afternoon 20-30 minutes for LinkedIn

I batch it for 2 slots 40-60 minutes, and that's it. Moreover, I want to reduce my time spent on the platforms over the weekend.

It means that I most probably won't answer all of the comments under my posts.

However, with the time I save, I'll be able to grow my own platform - a blog!

Thought #2: Small change in the posting hours

I've noticed that the US traffic on Twitter is a bit earlier than on LinkedIn. That's why I'll change my afternoon posting hours. First I'll post on Twitter and then I'll post on LinkedIn.

It was:

  • 1:25 PM CET LinkedIn
  • 1:40 PM CET Twitter

It will be:

  • 1:25 PM CET Twitter
  • 1:40 PM CET LinkedIn

Thought #3: Repurpose, repurpose, and repurpose

Still, one of my best-performing posts from the past week are repurposed. 5 out of 10 of the best were repurposed from the 3 months earlier period.

I use Shield 👇 to get detailed LinkedIn analytics (it's an affiliate link, but feel free to remove the part after ? if you want).

Shield Analytics | Your LinkedIn analytics tool
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Here you can find my 👉 entire toolset 👈


Twitter statistics for the dates of January 9th - 15th, 2023

Twitter stats in detail

  • 293 Impressions (-6%)🔻
  • Highest Impressions: 67 (-42%)🔻
  • 14 Tweets (0%)
  • 2 Threads (0%)
  • Total Followers: 57 (+6%) ✅
  • 3 New Followers (+100%) ✅

And here we have my thoughts: 👇

Thought #1: Quick engagement is the king

Especially when you're a small account engaging with bigger players in a quick turnaround after they tweet is super important to gain some eyeballs onto your profile and grab new followers.

I use Tweet Hunter 👇 to get Twitter analytics, schedule my tweets, and get inspiration (it's an affiliate link, but feel free to remove the part after ? if you want).

Tweet Hunter | Get More Twitter Followers | Tweets, Threads, Scheduler, Analytics
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Here you can find my 👉 entire toolset 👈


Newsletter statistics for the dates of January 9th - 15th, 2023

Newsletter stats in detail

  • Total Members: 127 (+4%) ✅
  • Total Subscribers: 124 (+2%) ✅
  • 2 New Subscribers (-71%)🔻

That's a wrap for this week!

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