Free LinkedIn Engagement System! 🚀

I had 400 LinkedIn connections in April, and over 1250 in August! 🤯

~50% of new followers are from comments on other posts.

I strated daily posting in May 2022.

The problem?

My posts didn't get much attention.

I understood that I need to engage with others from my niche.

I started adding value to the conversation under the posts.

I wanted to rely on LinkedIn notifications using the bell icon.

However, it didn't work.

Sometimes notifications were after a few minutes of the publication time. Sometimes after a few hours. Sometimes there were no notifications at all.

We all know that you need to be fast in terms of comments.

I ended up checking LinkedIn non-stop to check new posts.

I needed a system.

That's why I've created one that helps me:

  • track accounts from my niche
  • comment on their posts when they publish new content
  • save the time

In the video below I'm sharing the full description of how this system works:

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